Hex & Company

Hex & Company offers over 1000 tabletop boardgames- 
starting at $10 per player! 

$5 discount for students and kids Mon-Thurs!

We also provide Manhattan’s largest selection of board games,
dice, minis, RPGs and a wide food/drink selection.

Outdoor seating available; walk-ins welcome.

Happy New Year! We Wish you a great 2024

OUr hours have changed:

Hex&co. East will now open at 11am Daily

HEx&co. Union Square will now open at 10am Daily

click one of our three awesome locations to get started

Saturday 1/27 @ Hex Union, 10:00am, 4 rounds Swiss

Join us for Hex & Co.’s Heavy Hitters Prerelease!
Your ticket buys you entry into the Sealed event and a Heavy Hitters prerelease kit, pictured below.  Additionally, all players will receive 4 Heavy Hitters packs for participation, plus a pack per win in the event!

There are only 16 seats available, so get your ticket today!

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Interested in the Star Wars Unlimited: Spark of Rebellion Prerelease?

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Into the Inklands Championship is coming soon!


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